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Moving to Cyprus

What we do

Virtual Home Survey

Our experienced cargo surveyors will undertake a survey of your property with you by video call. This will determine what products need de-assembling or professional packing.

Bespoke quotation

Once the survey is completed, we provide you with a written quotation specifically tailored to your requirements. This way you do not pay for services you do not need.

Specialist transport

Not all freight companies have the right vehicles to transport furniture. Our purpose-built furniture vehicles are fitted with specialist lats, carry blankets and ties ensuring your goods are transported in the safest possible way.

Specialist Packaging

Our expert packers will parcel and encase your goods in specially designed packing crates ensuring they meet the specification required by insurance companies for international transport. Handled with care so you are protected.

Room to room service

We will provide you with more than a Door-to-Door service. You do not have to get the goods in your front door. We will take them from your living room, bedroom, dining room & Kitchen, de-assembling where required and doing the heavy lifting so you do not have to.

Placement in new your home

Relax just tell us which way you want your sofa facing and where the T.V. needs to go and leave the rest to us.

Moving to Cyprus From UK

The Path To Your New Home

International Shipping is our business, and we are exceptionally good at it. Specialists in what we do we will provide you with a stress-free seamless shipping service, transporting your property from your old home to your new life in Cyprus. So, relax – You and your belongs are being handled with care.

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Request for moving

Call or email us to start the process. Tell us where you’re moving from and to, the size of your current home and what you’re taking. This will give us an indication of what services you need.


Calculate quote

Once we have conducted a survey we will prepare a written quotation including the services you need. From Packing, Transport, Storage, Shipping, Insurance, Customs Clearance, Delivery, placement and if required Car Transport.


Moving with care

De-assembling your bed, wardrobes, dining table and the like, packing on site of awkward or fragile items such as piano’s, mirrors, T.V. Paintings etc. and advising you on the paperwork needed to ensure smooth customs clearance on arrival in Cyprus.


Enjoy your home

Once we have placed your furniture in your new home we want you to enjoy your new life in your dream location but as a mover it is your responsibility to ensure you have all the correct residence requirements for your stay.

Virtual Home Survey

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How We Look After You in the UK

They say knowledge is power so knowing what you can and can’t do ahead of time will remove the potential for problems during the journey. For example knowing what can and can’t be loaded into the shipping container will prevent these items having to be removed at the port.

Our Removals Team will provide invaluable advice up front, minimising the risk of such problems occurring once the goods are in transit.  The last thing anyone wants is you sat in an empty house in Cyprus waiting for a container that’s stuck in the UK because you loaded your gas barbecue!

Every removal requires a survey of your property and goods. This helps us understand your specific requirements because every shipment is different. It tells us the quantity to be shipped, allows us to visualise possible access issue, lets us know if specialised handling equipment is needed when we collect the goods or If any dismantling is required. It also make us aware of any large or fragile items that may require packaging on site. All of this allows us to tailor our service to your requirements ensuring we plan the movement of your possessions to the highest possible standards.


Expert Knowledge

Professional Packers

Dismantling Service

Specialist Furniture Vehicles


How we move your Belongings With Care

Our experience and strong relationships with the major shipping lines ensures we have access to the best rates, best equipment, and fastest vessels so your belongings arrive in Cyprus as and when you need them, all backed by marine insurance cover just in case anything goes wrong.

Since the UK has left the EU we are now required to make a declaration to Customs to clear the shipment for export. We also book space on the vessel required to get your goods to Cyprus in time for your arrival and provide you with the documents needed in Cyprus so you can take delivery.  As well as insuring your shipment, once it is on the ship we will provide you with a link to track the container whilst it’s in transit.


Competitive Rates

Fastest Shipping Lines

Dedicated Shipping Containers

Shipment Protection Cover


How We set Up Your New Home!​

A few days before the vessel arrives in Cyprus our local experts will present the Customs clearance documents to the Cypriot Customs to minimise any delays on arrival. Once the goods have cleared customs, they will arrange a mutually agreed delivery time with you. Ideally we will want to deliver the cargo immediately clearance is completed to avoid incurring expensive port storage charges. If you are not ready we can store the goods in a local depot.  Delivery will be made with a team to carry out the unloading of the goods, the placement into your room of choice and the removal of any packaging you do not require.

Once clearance is underway, our local agents will liaise with the shipping line to arrange for the container to be taken of the vessel. They will also arrange to transport the goods to your new home, either by delivering the container directly or unloading the cargo in their warehouse first if there are access issues or delivery is required on smaller vehicles.  They will then unload the cargo and place the items into the room of your choosing carrying out the re assembly furniture as required. Finally they will remove any unwanted packaging we’ve supplied to transport the goods.


Room Placement

Removal of packaging

Local Knowledge

Customs Clearance


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