Re-Cycle (Bikes to Africa)

Re-Cycle (Bikes to Africa)

British racing cyclist and Olympian Chris Boardman MBE has backed charity Re-Cycle (Bikes to Africa). The charity, in partnership with Halfords, collects and refurbishes used bicycles and exports them to Africa for the local villagers. Not only does the charity prevent use-able bikes from ending up in a landfill site,  they are essential in Africa in many ways.  According to the Charities website, ‘Research in Africa has shown that a bicycle can increase the income of a poor family by as much as 35%’. It can also be a 12 mile round trip just for a student to get to the closest School so a bike can be the difference between a child getting an education or not. Similarly, Ghana’s Community-based Health Planning and Services have found that one nurse with a bike can increase their visits 8 fold.

We are proud to be working alongside such an important organisation that provides a vital lifeline in Africa.


Please click here to see the article from The Times Newspaper in the UK from 31/12/2015 


Re-Cycle (Bikes to Africa) Official Website