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Freight Agency are connected with an extensive network of logistic providers, specialising in air freight shipments.

Air Freight Forwarding

Freight Agency can help you manage the movement of your goods from anywhere to anywhere with our air freight forwarding service.

Our operation is supported by sophisticated systems and software, and you’ll benefit from our buying power to receive considerable cost savings.

This is combined with extraordinarily high levels of customer service. Get a free quote today to see if we are getting the best possible price for your needs!

How do we help companies to move their freight by air?

Whether your consignment is the smallest, specialist time-critical product – where service failure can literally make the difference between life and death – or if it’s of a large scale that requires chartered or heavy-lift aircraft, we will ensure you get to market as quickly as possible. You won’t find us cutting corners on any project for our customers! We also specialize in transporting various goods and have teams who are trained to industry standards.

How do you ensure that costs are managed?

Regardless of origin and destination, frequency or delivery timescales, our specialists work closely with partners that handle sea freight and land freight. They can take a look at what you’re spending and where, so if there is an opportunity for cost savings we’ll highlight it!

How is the documentation handled?

We offer support in every aspect of your air freight needs. We will prepare the necessary documentation, provide real-time tracking and customs clearance services so that you can have a worry-free experience with us! Whether it is your first time importing or exporting cargo or not – our friendly team will help you get the best possible combination of costs, service and efficient  delivery for any type of cargo.



What is Air Freight Forwarding?

Air Freight forwarding is the process of organizing and planning cargo transport by air. Freight forwarders don’t physically move your cargo, they just help in every other step of the shipment process, simplifying it and taking care to communicate between all parties involved. We specialise in ocean shipping and air freight which means that we can find the best solution for your requirements.

Freight agency provides the best route to market, no matter what your consignment is. We ensure that your merchandise will arrive when and where it’s needed in perfect condition.

Our friendly team of experts will help you get the best possible combination of costs and service for your air freight needs. We work with both importers and exporters so whether this is the first time or not, we can provide an efficient way to deliver your cargo.

Freight Agency are continously developing cross industry collaboration with Freight Forwarding partners. We are interested in forming new alliances with operators and forwarders globally, across all modes of transportation.

To discuss opportunities, please contact:

Andrew Dickson – Commercial Manager


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